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There is nothing more personal than owning your own business – and being proud of that business.

Back in 1994, we started inSync. Prior to that, Frank Halsema, my husband, was a software programmer for the aerospace industry but, out of necessity, also started managing and maintaining their enterprise-level IT infrastructure, the beginning of his IT background.

I was a controller of a real estate investment company that also dabbled in new business interests. I became the turnaround expert for their faltering businesses. My accounting background was extremely helpful with quickly locating the problems in those troubled businesses.

Ironically one of those faltering interests was a computer outsourcing company. After 4 years in business, they still had not turned a profit. I was asked to look into it. They had great clients – large law firms, entertainment companies – but they could never overcome their overhead. The 4 founders, 2 sets of husband & wives, each pulled sizeable salaries. The men were the technical side of the business but the wives didn’t have a role in the company.

They also rented a very prominent space in Burbank costing a fortune, despite the fact that their clients never came to their offices. And they invested in $50k in inventory, which sat untouched and was later sold for pennies on a dollar. The lessons learned I brought to inSync: Keep your overhead low including rent, minimize non-income producing employees, & don’t have inventory.

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  1. Our office has used InSync's services for several years, and have been very happy.

    Our office has used InSync’s services for several years, and have been very happy with them. Prompt and knowledgeable, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  2. InSync has been our IT service provider for over 5 years.

    InSync has been our IT service provider for over 5 years. They are reliable, on time, and thorough. We are a small team so we need to rely on their expertise to keep us running smoothly. They have a fantastic team and we enjoy working with Bruce on his days at our facility.

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