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Our Story

Spring Rewards is a credit-card based rewards network powered by a team of adventurous, local-loving innovators. We believe that every purchase should come with a perk, so we created Spring Rewards — the rewards program that rewards you for just being you.

Since our launch, our team of enthusiastic experts has emerged as influencers in a crowded market. There are a lot of rewards cards and coupon programs out there, but none as passionate as Spring when it comes to simplifying savings and delivering genuine value to users. Spring strives to make each transaction meaningful. We’re constantly expanding our network and finding new ways for users like you to earn rewards and save money without the added baggage of QR codes, coupons or punchcards. Spring fits seamlessly into your routine. We do the work, you do the saving, we both do the celebrating.

Our Vision

We celebrate every transaction by delivering real, relevant rewards and offers that are easy to earn and use across an expansive network of businesses, restaurants and stores.

New technologies are letting us do something really old-fashioned–reintroduce a sense of joy and community into the everyday transaction–in a new, efficient and exciting way. We help businesses reach new customers and better connect with current ones. We help shoppers get more out of what they love, without any hassle. We help buyers and sellers keep in touch and build lasting relationships. And we do these things because we love customers and businesses and want to transform their interactions from ‘transaction’ into ‘celebration’.

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