At SMB Solutions we evaluate companies designed to aid the small business owner, in order to identify the best companies offering a variety of services and software solutions; fully geared towards SMB. We have created our methodology for identifying the best of the best in SMB Solutions and ranking them based on their merits and competitive market advantages.


Our first step in ensuring a thorough evaluation begins with analysis of a vendor’s services or software. During our analysis our team spends time gathering information including average size of current clients, businesses they work with, overall online reputation, and client satisfaction ratings. Just as these vendors want to find the best businesses to work with, we want to find the best vendors to fit the needs of their solutions.

Evaluation Process

During the evaluation process, our research team identifies key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages of each vendor. This is done in order to create a benchmark. Our credit card processing vendors will be evaluated differently than our branding agencies. Each process has a different approach and each vendor is benchmarked according to their various core services. There is no singular solution for the SMB owner to match all of the needs of their business.

Awards & Recognition

We also take into consideration a variety of accomplishments, industry awards, and achievements which have been received by our vendors. Due to high levels of activity within the digital marketing industry and due to our partnerships with conference organizers, we are apprised of the latest developments and achievements of top performing SMB Solutions. We monitor the pulse of cutting-edge businesses who gain recognition for their work in the SMB sector. The vendors we recommend are often those who provide case studies, client testimonials, and specific data analytics.


We believe the activity of a vendor within their industry is also a common indicator of potential success. Outside of the products and services they offer, we spend time investigating how involved these vendors are within their industry by researching their activity at conference events, in publications, at local events. The more active the vendor is within their particular niche, in addition to the industry as a whole, the more likely they are to establish their brand as a leader.

Warning Factors

Many businesses express a legitimate concern about who to trust with their budget. As a result, we take into consideration numerous warning factors during our research to ensure your investment of time and money are safe.

Our Analysts

In order to produce our recommendations, we work with a variety of industry analysts that specialize in SMB Solutions. Our relationships with industry experts provides us the ability to review information through the eyes of those who have been intimately involved with the industry. We strive to build relationships with long-standing and reliable analysts who are highly knowledgeable in each specific category.

We work with analysts to ensure that these vendors are successful, long-term providers. The guidance we receive from our analysts helps us improve our internal methodologies for evaluating companies across all categories. Our analysts are passionate, focused, and dedicated individuals who offer a unique approach to identifying the needs of SMBs, and matching them accordingly.

The analysts we work with are well-versed in challenges that SMBs face. They are experts at overcoming challenges. We continue to build relationships with experienced veterans in order to ensure a continued dedication towards improving our evaluation process.

What To Expect

Through our research we have assisted thousands of businesses in selecting competent and innovative SMB Solutions. You can trust that the vendors featured in our rankings have been thoroughly researched. There are hundreds of vendors competing in each of the industry categories. As a result, we are constantly being introduced to new vendors offering a unique approach to the services and software categories that we feature. We ensure the vendors we are recommending each month are truly the best based on the information made available to us, which is constantly updated and monitored.